WE OFFER DINE IN, PICKUP & DELIVERY (Delivery for orders over $30)


One Piece Chicken & Medium Fries-$9.95

Two Piece Chicken & Medium Fries-$12.95

Three Piece Chicken Meal-$18.95 Comes with Small Fries & Small Salad

Dinner for Two – $29.95
Four Pieces of Chicken, Medium Fries & Salad, Small Gravy

Six Piece Chicken Meal-$39.95  Comes with Large Salad & Medium Fries

Eight Piece Chicken Meal-$49.95 Two Medium Salads, Large Fries & Medium Chicken Gravy

*If you would like a specific piece of chicken please specify when you place your order. All White Meat will have an upcharge.

Chicken Chunks 

4 Piece & Side-$9.95

8 Piece & Side- $17.95

Comes with Honey Mustard and your Choice of Fries, TCP Slaw, Potato Salad or Pasta Salad. Sub Poutine or Nacho Cheese Fries for $3.00

 Funnel Cakes(Available In House Only)

Traditional     $6.00

Icing Sugar & Whip Cream

Cherry Jubilee     $7.50

Cherry Goo, Icing Sugar, Whip Cream

Apple Caramel       $7.50

Apple Pie Filling, Caramel Sauce, Whip Cream, Icing Sugar, Cinnamon




 Classic Poutine – Full $13.25 Half $7.65
House-made poutine gravy, cheese curds, house-cut fries, green onions

Chicken & Waffles Poutine- Full $16.95 Half $9.50

Shredded Chicken, GF Waffle Cubes, Cheese Curds, Gravy, Maple Bacon Drizzle

 Buffalo Chicken Ranch Poutine- Full $16.95  Half $9.50

Shredded Chicken Tossed in Buffalo Sauce, Cheese Curds, Gravy, Mozza/Cheddar Mix, Green Onions, Ranch Drizzle

Hot Chicken Sandwich Poutine-Full $16.95   Half $9.50

Shredded Chicken, Garlic Buttered GF Waffle Cubes, Chicken Gravy, Cheese Curds, Parsley

 Chicken Bucket’s

 12 Piece Bucket     $49.95                       8 Pieces of Dark 4 Pieces of White

 Bucket Meal         $69.95                        12 Piece Bucket

2 Medium Salads (Coleslaw, Potato Salad or Pasta Salad) 1 Large Fries,    1 Medium Chicken Gravy


 Wings – $14.75                                        Served with Ranch                               Sauces: TCP BBQ, Sweet Chili, Maple Bacon, Hot

Dry Rubs: Tajin, Salt & Pepper, Lemon Herb

  Crispy Chicken Skin $6.50 

 Deep Fried Chicken Coated in our West Coast Fried Chicken Coating, served with our House made Sweet Chili Sauce

  Frickles    $9.95 

Crunchy Dill Pickle Discs, Served with Ranch 

Nacho Cheese Fries-Full $13.50   Half $8.50 

House Made Nacho Cheese Sauce, House Cut Fries, Diced Tomato 

 Burgers & Sandwich 

Comes with your choice of Fries, TCP Coleslaw, Potato Salad, or Pasta Salad. Sub Classic Poutine or Nacho Cheese Fries for $3.00 

  TCP Crispy Chicken Burger     $17.75 

Crispy Chicken Breast, Red Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Brioche Bun, Burger Sauce 

Buffalo Chicken Burger     $17.75 

Crispy Chicken Breast Smothered in Franks Hot Sauce, Tomato, Red Onion, Lettuce, Ranch Dressing, Brioche Bun 

The Dirty Bird     $17.75

Crispy Chicken Breast Smothered in our House Made Nacho Cheese Sauce, Bacon, Burger Sauce and Brioche Bun 

Ultimate Chicken & Waffle Sandwich- $17.75

Crispy Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon, Fried Banana Peppers, Burger Sauce in Between GF Waffles. 














































































































































































  • TCP Slaw SM $3.75 MED $5.75 LRG $7.75
  • Classic Potato Salad SM $4.00 MED $6.00 LRG $8.00
  • Pasta Salad SM $3.50 MED $5.50 LRG $7.50
  • Gravy SM $2.25 MED $3.25 LRG $4.25
  • Fries SML $3.00 MED $5.00  LRG $7.00
  • Side Poutine  $7.50


        (12 Years & Under)

      • Drumstick & Fries  $6.50
      • Kids Poutine $7.50

      Soft Serve

      Milkshakes   12oz $5.50   16oz  $6.25 Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

      Twisters  Small $5.99  Regular $ 6.99

      • M & M’s
      • Cookies & Cream
      • Skor 
      • Oreo
      • Reese’s Pieces

      ***Delivery orders will be filled if over $30***  ***Now Delivering out South of Town for $10 Delivery Fee*** 

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